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Looking To Go Steady?

Great! So are we.

Armed Mind is an award-winning creative agency entrusted by high-profile brands because above all else, we tell a damn good story. Our passion for narrative has led to innovative and immersive creative content campaigns that develop relationships with fans while extending IPs for high-profile clients across entertainment, technology and gaming.


But we’re also just as passionate about the stories of prospective team members, and from time to time, we’ll post openings right here on the site to solicit those directly.


Online and off, our clients entrust us to come up with groundbreaking ideas, then break ground on them effectively. If you’re interested, come ready for anything, as the terrain is varied: we might write a brand’s tagline, their short story for Kindle, or a hardbound collector’s edition book; we might design a targeted email blast or completely reinvent the direct mail playbook; we might craft a single, data-packed infographic or a month-long digital campaign to expand a universe’s arc for superfans; we might build :30 TV spots, apps, copydecks, or a digital storefront…or a digital footprint…or digital breadcrumbs…


…but no matter what we do, we’ll immerse, generating action through authenticity—always with an eye toward delighting fans while generating demand for our clients.


When we recruit, we look for cutting-edge dreamer/doers who think of themselves as “creatives without borders” because regardless of what team a newcomer might join, they’ll be surrounded by storytellers who not only ideate groundbreaking new categories of content, but execute all the classic ones.


We have a hunch the ability to thrive on new ideas and experimentation is what you got you into this business—and it’s what’ll ensure you thrive in ours.