Our Causes

A few organizations we stand—and rally—behind.

Pledging Support

Armed Mind is, technically, a service company. 

After all, we serve our clients. We serve fans worldwide. We stand at our partners’ sides, in service of their passions and missions. 

But then there are the real missions. The impassioned teams who truly serve. 

We’re in awe of organizations out there that serve more than clients, but serve all of us, be it humanity as a species or the shared planet we call home. These are the teams who don’t measure success in profit or ROI, but lives impacted, rights preserved, and freedoms secured. 

Our team strives to do good and better work. But these are the teams that do work for the better good.

We highlight these non-profit causes in our newsletter in a postscript called “Pledging Support.” In this small way, we’re able to increase awareness for these incredible organizations’ missions and goals amongst our extended family of clients and partners.

In one other small way, we’re helping give back: Armed Mind will match donations made to our highlighted charities in hopes of inspiring support.

Feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] if you or your company would like to partner up or participate. Otherwise, feel free to click the links to visit each organization for more information.

We’re hoping this small gesture creates a ripple of cause-and-effect, if for no other reason than we believe in these incredible causes, and the lasting effect they’ll have on communities worldwide.

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